About Us

Experience. Quality. Reliability!

QTA Machining is a precision machine shop, headquartered in Buffalo, NY, that has been serving the United States and Canada since 1996.

Based out of our 27,000 sq-foot facility, our organization offers a wide array of CNC machining services along with precision gear and spline cutting. To complement our machining outfit, we have a dedicated Quality Control (QC) department, that is the backbone of our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS) (by NSF-ISR), and showcases a modern collection of both manual and CNC CMM’s.

QTA Machining continues to serve companies of all sizes, from local small businesses to nationally recognized Fortune 500 corporations. With well over 100 years of combined machining experience, our company is qualified to take on the challenge of complex jobs, while ensuring consistency and quality. Whether prototype or long production runs, we’re equipped with the machinery, personnel, and processes to suit your manufacturing needs.

As an organization, we’re constantly investing in expanding our production capabilities through the addition of new, cutting-edge equipment and best practices. Through innovative machining processes, our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering a quality part at a competitive price.

In addition to our equipment expansion, we’ve also invested in a state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to not only maintain a real-time job schedule, but to provide our customers with real-time job updates. This robust software allows us to effectively manage our capacity and provides us with the maneuverability to prioritize and dispatch jobs as requirements change. Through this investment, we are able to meet our customers’ deliverables, on-time, while supplying visibility throughout the process.

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