The Turning department features several Okuma CNC lathes, along with two 7-axis CNC turn/mill workcenters (Okuma MULTUS B400-W/U3000), that can service parts as small as 3/8" in diameter to a high of 45" in diameter. Working within tolerances of 0.0005", we are open to job orders of all types and sizes, including small volume or prototype work, to high volume production level manufacturing. Our lathes are equipped to machine parts from new stock, but also have the capability of hard turning parts that have already been treated by a finishing service.

Featuring a 7-axis CNC lathe/mill, we have the ability to complete a part that would typically enter multiple processes. By adapting this technology, we have the flexibility of passing along the benefits to our customers through process reduction, lower cycle times, and a decreased risk of manual error, thereby resulting in shorter lead times, increased quality, and more practical pricing. Additionally, the high pressure coolant system (1,000 psi through the spindle) allows us to leverage the 7-axis technology to port at multiple angles and at deeper lengths than a traditional mill.


The Milling department features five, 4-axis CNC mills (Okuma and Mazak) that are all fully equipped with automatic tool changers, tool breakage detection, and Renishaw probing, working within tolerances of 0.0005". The weight capacity of the department is 10,000 lbs. (5 tons), with a maximum size capacity of 80" x 40". Like the turning department, the milling department can handle all volumes of orders, from small/prototypes to large scale production. Additionally, each of our mills features a high pressure coolant system (1,000 psi through the spindle) that allows us to port at deeper lengths.


Featuring our Sodick VZ500LH wire-EDM machine, we have the ability to machine key ways and splines on special orders, with a maximum size capacity of
19" x 13" x 17".


The quality control process within the company begins with our dedicated Quality Control department. Featuring four Brown & Sharp CMM machines (two CNC, two manual), we have the ability to generate inspection reports that prove to our customers that the products ordered fall within or exceed their expectations and specifications. Additionally, the department utilizes a wide range of inspection equipment, including but not limited to, gages, calipers, hardness testers, and an optical measuring unit.

The investment made into our Quality Control department proves our dedication to providing our customers with a high-quality product.